We create exclusive content

Our catalog exists of more then 100+ hours of exclusive content ready for 4k distribution. And much more.

We distribute content

Our distribution team is currently delivering content to TV, VOD & OTT platforms in more then 45 territories.

We clear your content

Our service makes sure all music featuring in your video content is legally cleared for use or broadcast as desired.



Creation, distribution & Protection

From creation to IP protection. We at Clarity know how! Clarity is specialized in funding and distributing Music, family and travel content. With a preliminary focus on Music, we carry an exclusive Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Jazz catalogue of 200+ hours.

Next to this we team up with DJ’s, Artists, festivals and event organisations to bring the best possible content, promotion and reach for our livestreams and best of compilations.

With over 25 years of experience in the international entertainment industry, Clarity can assist you in finding outlets for your content and monetize and protect your property on all social networks.

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Creation, distribution & Protection

With affiliate company NOMOBO, Clarity invest and coproduce state of the art 4K Electronic Dance Music (EDM) feature length films using proprietary fully owned technology and cinema cameras. All our content is delivered with a professional audio-mix. These high-quality movies will be available for PayTV, VOD, OTT and more.


NOMOBO is a global video content agency; a world leader in creating and capturing live event broadcasts with specialties in music, sports and brand communication. NOMOBO is the only international company to produce interactive broadcasts using state-of-the-art technology that maximizes viewer engagement and delivers quantifiable data for proven ROI. 



Creation, distribution & Protection

Our distribution team is currently selling and delivering content to TV, VOD & OTT platforms in more than 45 territories. Clarity has recently added China to her distribution list by closing an output deal with one of the biggest local VOD companies: Tencent. Other Clarity exclusive partners are: Claro, Globo, INDEMAND, Comcast, Dish, KPN, T-Mobile, Amazon, APPLE and more.

We distribute our own content (IP), but also represent companies such as ID&T, Q-Dance, Armada, Alda, VRT, NTR, Ultra Music, Audio Obscura and more.


Why choose us?

Creation- and distribution flow


After a registration and livestream we work on all music clearances for further distribution and aim to deliver a best of compilation of 60 minutes within 30 days.

Creation Flow:

  • Registration and livestream of event
  • Tracklist selection
  • Clearences music
  • Edit
  • Artist/management approval
  • Release best of title



To obtain a maximum result on promotion and income, Clarity has a clear distribution strategy. We set up livestream and PPV/TVOD/PAY & Free TV deals first and include SVOD deals at a later stage.

Distribution flow:

  • Livestream
  • TVOD (premium distribution for 2-3 months)
  • SVOD (following TVOD for longer period)
  • FREE & PAY TV (combined with TVOD and possible longer term deal)
  • I-Tunes, Google Play, Amazon & Hulu (Full period)
  • DVD (only in some territories)
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We are the exclusive livestream partner for some of the biggest EDM events and have an exclusive partnership with some of the largest platforms in China and North America.

In 2018 we broadcasted more than 14 major events such as Ultra Japan ,Ultra Miami, Creamfiels, Hardwell Hockenheim, Hardwell and the metropole Orchestra, Tiesto, AMF and Underworld.

Our latest Ultra livestream in China had 14 million viewers during the weekend!

Music Clearance

When your content is broadcasted on TV or other platforms all featured music needs to be licensed with the labels, publishers, and other rights holders.

We offer a one-stop-shop for all services that you need to guarantee your content is cleared for use. This includes:

  • Identification of all rights holders for each track
  • Entering in licensing agreements with these parties
  • Collecting, monitoring and paying all individual licensing fees 
  • Using our connections and discounts to make sure you get the best price for using the music
  • 100% transparency on negotiated fees
  • All administrative, legal, and financial processes 
In short; you will receive one invoice, one overall agreement, and the use of our pricing agreements with labels/publishers, making sure your total costs of your project will actually drop when using Clarity while simultaniously getting rid of all legal issues and administration. 


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